Photo Gallery

Pictures taken around my house, here you can find the following galleries:
  • broadband arriving -- works on wireline network made by the incumbent telephone company, Telecom Italia, to bring broadband at my home (at their own expenses!)
  • cinque terre -- a very short excursion through Cinque Terre's footpaths with Luciano and Mitch (June 11th, 2005)
  • snow on my house -- on December 28th, 2005 snowed on my town, an event that happens rarely

Images from my trips in the United States.
(lot of images, but to rearrange)

Images from London.
(lot of images, but to rearrange)

Pics from my last trip in Ireland (August 2006): 9 days spent roaming between Dublin, Westport, Galway (visiting Inis Mor of Aran Islands), Ennis, Killarney (base for the Ring of Kerry) and Kilkenny for a sum of 1579 km on the road (Ireland is such so small!).
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